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The Agency Fueled By Diversity

The agency that was launched in Madison, Wisconsin was first built as a digital adventure. Founder & Creative Director, Chantel Soumis, ultimately faced adversity in the job hunt process while actively seeking employment with multiple disabilities.

Soumis, a warrior with Multiple Sclerosis and other incurable auto-immune diseases, found the application process biased and unjust in promoting diversity. Her dismay for the broken system was fueled as she grew even more determined to build an impenetrable personal brand of her own in order to land the career of her dreams. And so she did.

She built an indestructible brand, quickly becoming one of the most followed creators on the social media channel, LinkedIn. She received multiple job offers and accepted the option with the most flexibility and understanding of diversity and inclusion. Taking the wisdom gained from building a broken brand into a stellar force in addition to social influence and turning it into an agency to propel others down the same road of success is what Stardust Creative was built for.

Be Unique.

Feel Confident.

Exceed Your Goals.

We understand that it’s difficult to stand out in such a big world...

But the beauty of humanity is that you are the only individual in the entire universe with your unique story. That makes you pretty special. Storytelling is how humans have connected since the dawn of time and leveraging a personal brand keeps you confident and focused.

Whether you are a member of the differently-abled community, fighting for a fit in the workforce, or you’re a CXO gaining traction on social media to generate sales – we have the perfect program for you.

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Chantel Soumis Public Speaker

About Chantel Soumis

Chantel Soumis a top LinkedIn Creator with over 30k followers in just shy of one year. Chantel is also the Founder and Creative Director of Stardust Creative, a brand agency focused on embracing differences through personal and corporate branding. She’s spoken at international conferences in LA, London, Dallas, and more.

As an advocate for the differently-abled community, Chantel spreads awareness, hope, and inspiration to those around the world fighting for acceptance by sharing the hidden struggles of differently-abled community. By administering an attitude of gratitude, Chantel has overcome severe obstacles and spends a substantial portion of her time coaching others to accept and believe in themselves, and to treat one another with dignity and value, recognizing we are all brothers and sisters of the human race. Learn more at ChantelSoumis.com and LinkedIn as well as @MarcomChantel on Instagram and Twitter.


Personal Brand Creative Photography

Sara Demien was born and raised in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. There are many photographers in the industry that beg to be the best but what truly sets Sara apart is her heart and humor that she takes with on every shoot to make clients as comfortable as possible.

Tell us more about where you grew up!

I grew up with Kentucky born and raised parents, but in Sun Prairie, WI. I’ve never been a fan of the cold, but I always loved watching my friends try some good ‘ole southern dishes like collard greens.

What did you study in school?

General Studies – I actually didn’t finish school. My Dad is probably still rolling in his grave. He was very adamant that us three girls would go to college and be able to be what we want and take care of ourselves. He passed away my senior year of high school, so I forwent my planned UW Stout adventure and went to Madison College to be closer to my Mom. I pretended like I did it for her so she wouldn’t be lonely, but looking back I’m pretty sure I’m the one that didn’t want to be lonely. I didn’t know how to handle his death at 17. Anyway, my heart wasn’t in it at Madison College so I continued to work and had planned to go back to school one day. That day never came and here I am!

Why do you love photography?

During my day job I am in a very technical role with little room for creativity. I love photography as I can let the creative side of my brain escape the technicality it is stuffed with most days. I also love that memories can be captured for a lifetime with just a few settings and clicks!

What has been your favorite shoot so far and why?

Not sure I have ONE favorite. My favorite type of shoots have taken place in places special to my clients where their personalities shine through in the finished product. However, I can tell you one my favorite photos is from the first wedding I had captured. I knew the Bride’s Father was sick so I stood behind him during the ceremony to capture him watching his little girl say her vows. He has since passed away and the bride treasures that photo like no other.

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