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9 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile & Personal Brand

9 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile & Personal Brand

In 2016, there were 467 million members on the platform... as of March 2018, there are 546 million users. As the demand for a quality LinkedIn grows along with the increase in regular activity on the platform, the need for a personal brand and consistent strategy is more important than ever. Did you know that there are two new users on LinkedIn every second?!

Before I dish all the dirty secrets to make the most out of your profile and activity on the platform, let's dive into some fun facts!

  • Over 40 million students and recent grads

  • 41% of millionaires have a profile

  • Over 3 million active job listings

  • Average CEO has 1k connections

  • "Motivated" is the most overused word

  • The most-used social media platform in Fortune 500 companies

  • 91% of marketing executives list LinkedIn as the top place to discover quality content

2019 is the year of Metamorphosis

2019 is the year of Metamorphosis

What did we see in 2018?

We saw the underdogs rise to the top and everyone flock to the island of misfit toys.

The concept of vulnerability is shaking up the world of personal and professional business alike, bridging gaps in communication and building stronger relationships than ever. Vulnerability is an art - there's a line between providing value and oversharing that should never be crossed. In practicing the art of vulnerability effectively, you highlight accountability, dependability, and strength. But this isn't a lesson in How to Be Vulnerable- for that, I highly suggest reading one of Brene Brown's many books.

This is not an article about "personal branding" - I'm sure you've had enough of that in 2018 as the buzzword taking the world by storm. As the freelancer industry continues to grow at an exponential rate,