Business Branding

Building your brand butterfly.

We’ll start by analyzing your business differentiators, values, and goals. This will shape your brand foundation as a company caterpillar. Your team of experts at Stardust Creative will then push your brand into a chrysalis when the brand magic will begin.

Solidifying your brand voice and tone in company content, paired with primary and secondary color pallets and logo design will transition your company caterpillar into a beautiful, unique brand butterfly.


Values. Tone. Purpose. Presence.


How to Build Your Brand Butterfly

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Step 1. Feeding Your Very Hungry Caterpillar

Understand your "why" and your values is the first step in building your brand butterfly. Feeding your very hungry caterpillar a purpose and values with help develop a primary focus and brand consistency. Many decisions are often based on a set of values which also determines brand positioning.


Brand Butterfly

Step 2. From Caterpillar to Chrysalis

Discover your voice and your key differentiators. Your brand's voice is how your company will be represented in all forms of communication. Your brand voice should demonstrate your values.

Differentiators are often established when reviewing self-imposed limitations - think of these limitations as your chrysalis. It's time to review these "limitations" and turn them into superpowers.


How to Build a Brand

Step 3. Let your rebuilt brand take flight

How to be the expert in your topic and let your colors shine is much easier than it looks. You have your purpose and values that have set the foundation for your brand. You created a unique voice and key differentiators. All you have to do is communicate your purpose with confidence, consistently, and generate connections. Connections may turn into clients and clients lead you to new connections.



Building on Your Brand

Once metamorphosis is in the past, the magic is yet to begin!

Breath new life into your marketing designs, content, and campaigns with re-branded collateral. Stardust's team will work with you to understand your fresh brand and build a strategy around the new look and feel to build brand awareness and recognition.