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You and Your business are unique. Your brand strategy should be too. We'll work with you to understand your target persona(s) and build a methodical, cohesive brand strategy for ultimate lead generation.


From brand building to campaign COACHING,
WE’ll have your brand dazzling in no time.

It’s not easy reaching for dreams, but those who reach walk in stardust.
— Anonymous


Personal Branding Experts

We’ll start by analyzing your goals and values. This will shape your brand foundation as a company caterpillar. Your team of experts at Stardust Creative will then push your brand into a chrysalis when the brand magic will begin.

Solidifying your brand voice and tone in company content, paired with primary and secondary color pallets and logo design will transition your company caterpillar into a beautiful, unique brand butterfly.



Personal Branding

Personal Branding isn’t just a buzzword. It’s the way the world works today. With the freelance landscape heating up and more roles taking on the independent consultant or agent, standing out is more important than ever.

Comparison is inevitable.

Let’s highlight what makes you different. What makes you shine.

We have five Personal Brand Packages to choose from to best fit your needs. Our packages even include our local photography artist who specializes in creative photography to capture your unique personality!

Package #1

The Brand Basics - $1k

Personal Brand Building Only

The perfect way to take a few months worth of life coaching and pack it into a few virtual (or in person) sessions with a brand sorceress. Let’s make the magic happen and build your personal brand!

Package #2

Stardust Special - $2,500

Personal Brand Design & LinkedIn Strategy

Building your personal brand is only the foundation for your opportunity-generation strategy. Our social media experts will pull together a twelve-week LinkedIn (or social channel of your choice) with a few hours of training, best practices, and profile analysis to launch your strategy into stardust!

Package #3

The Galaxy - $3,500

Personal Brand Design, LinkedIn Strategy & Local Photoshoot (WI/IL/MN)

Having creative freedom to work with a celebrity-level photographer is the difference between a headshot and a graphic element that dazzles with personality. This package includes a basic photoshoot at one location with about 20 total images.

Package #4

The Cosmos - $4,500

Personal Brand Design, LinkedIn Strategy &
Photography + Locations & Apparel Changes

This deluxe package adds a variety of creative freedom to your photoshoot with added onsite shooting locations and costume changes.

Package #5

The Influencer - $6k

Personal brand Design, LinkedIn Strategy & Photography +
Locations & Apparel Changes and the ultimate gallery of
graphic elements for your social media strategy.

This package is for the ultimate influencer in need of a gallery of graphic elements! You’ll have a brand agent and creative photographic artist follow you throughout a half day at multiple locations, in a variety of outfits. Get ready to have some serious fun with this one! This includes over 100 images.


Branding for Business

Cut through THE NOISE
and make an impact

As the market landscape continues to change and competitors enter the field, it’s important to add that fuel to your brand’s fire to standout. Differentiators are imperative in competitive marketing.

We’ll work together in this 8-week program to discover what makes you unique and add it into all of your marketing collateral. We’ll answer questions like…

  • What makes you different?

  • What are your perceived weaknesses/limitations?

  • How can we overcome those limitations and turn them into strengths?

  • How can we communicate these strengths to pierce through the noise?

  • What can we do to compete with competitors twice your size?

  • What are our target personas?

  • What are the best ways to reach our target market?

Marketing is what makes a business thrive. Without goals and a solid brand strategy, you won’t know where to focus or what to measure in terms of ROI. Let’s get started today.

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