Video Marketing

Video is king of content

Corporate videos can be boring - so we pair up with internationally recognized video producers to help piece together ultimate video tools to utilize on your website, social media, or live presentations. You're videos will match your brand and cut through the noise and clutter of digital content.

  • Adding video to your website can increase conversions by 80%
  • Video adds trust and credibility
  • Videos can explain products and services simply
  • Google loves video and SEO is favorable


Video Marketing
Types and formats

There are many different kinds of video that can be designed to fit your brand message and overall marketing strategy. Here are the top types of video and how they should be used to be leveraged effectively.

TYPE #1 Video Blog Style

TYPE #2 Explainer Videos

TYPE #3 Webinars/Informational

TYPE #4 Case Study/Testimonials

TYPE#5 Real Life/Inside Scoop